marți, 7 septembrie 2010

Naurelijs Rik Fon Steins

Called Dydyt...
He is one of my friends, sorry one of my best friend exactly..:P
I didn't know him for a long time, but He grew off in my Heart..
I wach him as a good friend:)xx
Hmmm ... I meet him on the Internet:P,First I saw him on ,and then
 on Facebook,
I think....
I  Add  him in my friend list, and then in my Skype list,
where we began to speak,..
We spoke about anything
He is a very very nice boy!! I like him!:x
I have only good opinion about He...
He's my Sexy Guy :P..
AAA ... and I forgot.. his hair....his hair color hmmm..
so I fall in love when I saw :P Hehe:P:))
I also like his Smile:)!xoxo and his Party Face!!
I have much to say about He.. but now I try to finish..the compliments:P

He is always aproach with Girls!!

Hey.. Guys Don't Touch It!!:P
Party Faces!!!! I love this Picture!!! xoxo..

This is One of my Fav Pictures!!!.xD
Drink with Us!!

Friendship is the most Beautiful thing in the World!

To be Continued.....

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