duminică, 10 octombrie 2010

Let's Party Together

House Music Night @ Inside Bar
Str. Ady ENDRE, nR. 9
oN Saturday October..16
With Dj Justin & Benny..
START: 22:00
Must be there if you want to have fun..
Join Us....

miercuri, 6 octombrie 2010

Well Heeled

Footwear designer Kerrie Luft is a University College Northampton graduate who creates some fantastically ornate heeled shoes inspired by the Art Nouveau movement.
Kerries twisted, sculptural heels remind me of the equally impressive work of Anastasia Radevich, who's heels are also an exercise in intricacy, although Radevich pushes it slightly further overall.
Other than the very obvious beauty in Luft's work, the fact the shoes themselves look very wearable with heels not getting to vertiginous heights, makes them more appealing.
She also sticks to neutrals colours to ensure the heel remains the real focus of the shoe.

My only slight complaint would be that some of the uppers are a bit too traditional and jar with the heels but that's just me being picky. I can't imagine ever getting bored looking at those glorious heels!
Queen Michelle

duminică, 3 octombrie 2010

marți, 7 septembrie 2010


Hy I am Dydyt from Latvia:) I like Alida,
Her brilliant eyes are Fantastic....

Naurelijs Rik Fon Steins

Called Dydyt...
He is one of my friends, sorry one of my best friend exactly..:P
I didn't know him for a long time, but He grew off in my Heart..
I wach him as a good friend:)xx
Hmmm ... I meet him on the Internet:P,First I saw him on CLUBLANDDLV.com ,and then
 on Facebook,
I think....
I  Add  him in my friend list, and then in my Skype list,
where we began to speak,..
We spoke about anything
He is a very very nice boy!! I like him!:x
I have only good opinion about He...
He's my Sexy Guy :P..
AAA ... and I forgot.. his hair....his hair color hmmm..
so I fall in love when I saw :P Hehe:P:))
I also like his Smile:)!xoxo and his Party Face!!
I have much to say about He.. but now I try to finish..the compliments:P

He is always aproach with Girls!!

Hey.. Guys Don't Touch It!!:P
Party Faces!!!! I love this Picture!!! xoxo..

This is One of my Fav Pictures!!!.xD
Drink with Us!!

Friendship is the most Beautiful thing in the World!

To be Continued.....

luni, 6 septembrie 2010

English Laundry Shirts & Clothing

Christopher Wicks, owner and designer of English Laundry, was born a child of the sixties in Manchester, England. His childhood pastime of sketching shirts, shoes, and guitars became a life-long career in designing men’s and women’s apparel. At 22 years old, Chris designed men’s formal shirts for one of England’s largest gentlemen’s shirt manufacturers. He went on to design for such sportswear brands as LA Gear, Ocean Pacific and Hang Ten.

Now under his company banner Defiance USA, Wicks designs and manufactures all the clothing for: Fender, Jimi Hendrix “The Experience”: A Clothing Collection, Davinci Shirts, and English Laundry, the jewel in the Defiance Crown. The English Laundry and English Rose designs reflect his upbringing in the UK. You will see references to his home town of Manchester as well as English influences – Mods, Rocker’s, and of course Soccer. Christopher Wicks has also successfully licensed the English Laundry brand for leather goods, accessories, ties and scarves, suits, luxury watches, outerwear and fragrances

London Style Fashion


Accessories, You Must Have!!!-
If you want to be in Fashion!:)
In this Season!